Product features

  • This twisted Mylar flash material that adds sparkle to your flies.
  • Krystal flash can be tied in at various points of the fly as an attractant. Start with the pearl color and expand from there.
  • Make your flies visible from long range in low light conditions by adding Fluorescent Pearl Krystal Flash.
  • Used to add fish-attracting colors to anything from Wooly Buggers to large pike flies.
  • Good forever Krystal flash is available in 12 colors. You gotta pick your favorite from this palate. Always works, always applicable, always will be

Product Description

  • Krystal flash is an amazingly versatile flashy fiber material that has been around for a long time and continues to earn our respect day after day, year after year. 
  • We use Krystal flash for the sole material as a wing on a steelhead or salmon fly. We use Krystal flash as a topping, anywhere from two skimpy strands to a dozen strands (favorite is 6 strands) as a topping on wet flies for salmon and steelhead. 
  • We tie in a half dozen strands of gold or blue metallic Krystal flash instead of the traditional turkey wing on our high floating skating Muddlers.
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