VIVISKY Crystal Glass Ink Gift Pen Vintage Handmade Did Pen For Writing Art Decoration- Four Color …

Product Description

The glass dip pens with vintage,simple,unique,and exquisite beauty style. Retain the original classic pen tip design, the ink evenly. Once dipped in ink can be mantained about 20-60 words. Just need one pen, you can write all kind of color art.

High borosilicate glass material with heat-resistant and water-resistant function. Acid for A level, alkali-resistant A-class,it's very durable. And strong resistance to fracture.It's a very elegant and beautiful decoration put in your desk.

Spiral design, hand-made. Written with thread design, increase the adsorption of ink, to extend the writing time, flowing like a stroke. Spiral pattern pen tip thickness between 0.7-0.8, let writing is full of art.

Multi-color optional, classic and elegant. The silver foil embellishment increased the high-grade texture of the glass pen, set off the gorgeous color of the glass pen. In addition the pen holder is very small and cute.

Easy to clean. After use can be rinse with water and dry with paper towel. You only need a 10 second cleaning before switching colors. Very convenience.

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