Product features

  • You can make any custom rubber part in minutes to repair or replace automotive electrical or plumbing components
  • Mold it any way you want into any shape you want and in minutes at 250 degree you have a permanent strong and flexible rubber part or rubber mold to transfer shapes or patterns
  • Resists most chemicals including fuels oils acids bases solvents and refrigerants
  • Will actually bond to most other rubber items so you can repair existing rubber items
  • Made in the USA

Product Description

Versimold, by Rowe Industries, is simply the most versatile rubber product ever devised. Create and cure your own custom rubber parts. Versimold works like clay: Shape it the way you want it. Bake it to harden it. Versimold is a unique silicon rubber compound, specially formulated to require only low-heat to cure – no kilns or professional ovens. Use a conventional oven, heat gun, or hair dyer to cure it in minutes to create your custom rubber parts. Useful for making custom grommets, gaskets, spacers, rubber mounting feet, vibration dampeners, bumpers, electrical insulators, even pedal covers or spark plug boots! And much more. No waste because unused material may be used for later applications. Repair your automobile, ATV, RV, 4×4 or recreational vehicle. Covered by US Patent.

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