Product features

  • HEAT ACTIVATED FABRIC TAPE: For thick fabric alterations and hemming, this heat activated application allows the cloth tape to securely and permanently bond to heavier fabrics
  • no sewing or gluing required
  • FOR DIFFICULT TO SEW FABRICS: Simple to use cut-to-length roll, peel off the protective backing and position on fabric, iron with the fastener side faced down, allow adhesive bond to set for 24 hours to achieve full strength
  • PERMANENT BOND: A strong iron on hem tape that provides a permanent bond to mend curtains or hem pants, dresses, or jeans
  • BONDS TO HEAT TOLERANT FABRICS: Designed for use on cotton blends, polyester, fleece, suede, denim, and nylon
  • be sure to use a press cloth for delicate fabrics
  • MACHINE WASH OR DRY CLEAN: Created to withstand laundering for long lasting use, close fastener and simply wash in cold or warm water only (not recommended to launder in hot water)

Product Description

VELCRO Brand For Fabrics is the solution for mending, hemming, or doing dress alterations on thicker material that is difficult to sew. The iron on tape offers a convenient and hassle free way to hem jeans or tailor pants like corduroy with a permanent bond that doesn’t require stitching or using messy glues.

The simple to use, heat activated adhesive provides a strong fabric bond that withstands warm and cold water washings time and time again. It can even be dry cleaned, but be sure to let the adhesive set for 24 hours after ironing to obtain full strength before washing.

As a DIY fabric adhesive, these fasteners can also be used for arts and crafts, Halloween costumes and decorations, home crafting projects, adding embellishments and appliques to fabrics, for playtime and dress up, and so much more. Ideal for mending cotton blends, polyester, fleece, suede, denim, and nylon, be sure to use a press cloth for delicate fabrics to prevent scorching. VELCRO Brand For Fabrics Iron On fasteners are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to suit all fastening needs.

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