Product features

  • Epoxy resin of first quality without toxic, of excellent transparency and brilliant, high yellowish resistance, neither cracks nor yellows with the time.
  • Much more convenient, you do not need to measure or mix the ratio. Creates a hard and transparent glass with a smooth finish, no tramp or low quality.
  • It can be mixed with dyes, paints, pigments, glitter, etc ... to give different finishes. Ideal for silicone molds of nail art decorative accessories / jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.
  • It solidifies quickly with UV lamps of 9W or 36W (the manicures serve). The time depends on the amount that is applied, if it is used to make rings, they will be 2-4 minutes with a lamp.
  • 11 molds with 31 realistic shapes of different sizes enough to make various Jewelry such as earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, diamond shapes.. Silicone material easy to clean. Package includes 100 golden rings so you can carry the pendants made with epoxy more easily.

Product Description

More convenient: It can be used immediately, no need to do the proportion and mix.
Faster: It solidifies within 5-30 minutes (depending on the quantity) with the UV lamp (they serve as manicures). The resins of two components, on the contrary, usually need 24-48 hours to stay solid.
More stable: High yellowish resistance, neither cracks nor yellows with time.

How to use:
1. We will need a jewelry mold and our resin, you can add other accessories such as beads or glitter if you want.
2. Simply press the bottle gently to let out the resin and deposit the amount that we need in the mold. If you want to add glitter or beads, you have to put them in the mold before the resin.
3. Dry the epoxy with the UV lamp for 2-4 minutes (if we are doing small pieces like the rings).
4. Take out the result from the mold.

How to avoid bubbles:
1. Before using the resin, place it upside down to prevent air bubbles from escaping during extrusion.
2. Use a toothpick to concentrate the air bubbles on the surface of the resin. Puncture them with a pin or undo them by applying heat with a heat gun or a lighter.

Package includes:
3x Transparent epoxy resin 30ml
1x Mold w/ 10 shapes to make pendants earrings etc.
1x Mold w/ 12 shapes to make pendants
5x Elongated mold for pendants making
1x Diamond-shaped mold, large
1x Diamond-shaped mold, small
1x Mold for bracelets with rhombohedral finish, internal diameter 60mm, wide model
1x Mold for bracelets with rhombohedral finish, internal diameter 60mm, slim model
12x Dried flowers, multicolor
12x Coral flowers, multicolored
12x Glassines, multicolor
12x Holographic papers in different shapes
12x Pigment powder glitters, multicolor
100x Golden rings for necklace making

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