Product features

  • ❤【Large Compacity】:1400W Working Power And 2kgs Of Compacity, Inner Temperature Can Be 2000 F Degrees, Metals Could be Melted Completely in 40-48 Minutes. Widely used in the smelting of alloy tool steels and the smelting of non-ferrous metals and their alloys. A must to have for your melting job.
  • ❤【Smart Controlling】:Equipped with highly advanced PID module digital control system, monitoring the actual temperature in the melting chamber at 2-second intervals so that it won’t overheat or cool down presenting precise and convenient metal melting, avoiding any issue of overheat or cool down.
  • ❤【Graphite Crucible】:Grooved graphite crucible made of natural graphite with good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, and has a small thermal expansion coefficient during high temperature use. specially designed for easy removal from the furnace say no to any metal waste.
  • ❤【Durable Materials】:Adopting tested material that is resistant to high temperature and extreme woring environment. The top of the melting furnace machine is made of quartz stone, which is heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance. Which is a long term partner for your job.
  • ❤【Full Accessories】:Comes With The parcel are furnace machines / one crucible / one tongs, all accessories included you need to make it work, indeed plug in and then it works. Made for professional use of the industry and the workshop, suitable for the processing of melting gold, sterling silver, pure copper and aluminium.

Product Description

Gold Digital Melting Machine 1400W Automatic Melting Furnace Kiln Casting Refining for Melt Scrap Silver Gold Tin Aluminum Refining Casting Furnace

Working Video:


*High purity fiber alumina chamber for energy saving – chamber size: 60 mm dia. x 150 mm deep.

*Precise temperature control, easy to read digital display and LED on/off indicator light.

*Single point temperature control  (Temperature only,  no control for heeating and cooling rate and dwell).

*One heavy duty graphite crucible with 2KG capacity.Grooved graphite crucible is designed for easy removal from the furnace using specially designed crucible tongs.

*Insulated lid holds heat in and keeps oxygen out for a cleaner melt.Melting crucible of turned graphite; Heat-resistant and efficient insulation

*Melting furnace with high-quality materials, for professional use; Highly advanced PID module, digital control system






Weight 9kg

Packing size 22*22*40cm

Maximum temperature:2000 F (1100 C)

Package Includes:
1 x Melting Furnace
1 x Graphite Crucible
1 x Pliers
1 x Product Manual

Technical Support:

1. The product work is under high temperature conditions, so it can’t work for a long time, and it needs to be cooled for 3 hours.
2. When working, mainly protect yourself and avoid high temperature burns
3. If the molten product contains substances such as acid and alkali, these substances will produce harmful gases with corrosion at high levels. In this case we recommend opening the furnace cover during the smelting process.
4. The maximum temperature of the product is 1100 °C. It is forbidden to smelt beyond this temperature. 

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