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Product features

  • Material: Made of new high-quality ABS, nickel-chromium alloy has high thermal conductivity, eyelash curler is heated quickly, and the heat is sufficient to make the eyelash curl more long-lasting.
  • Design: Patented double-sided design, closer to the curvature of the eyelashes, will not adhere to the excess mascara. The brush head has a safety insulated tooth design, upper and lower eyelashes, and the left and right corners are accessible. Does not touch the eyelids and completely touches the eyelashes. The unique gold switch design and pearl white color make the appearance look simple and beautiful.
  • How to use: 1. Open the bottom battery cover (Turn left according to the arrow and turn it off.) 2. Install the AA battery and push the switch to ON. Eyelash Curler switch indicator lights up. The temperature indicator lights on and wait for 30 seconds to turn white. 3. First apply mascara and then Put the heated lash curler head on eyelash, wait a few seconds, curl the lash from down to up. Then the roots, the middle and the tail, and lift each section 3-5s.
  • Safety: The brush head has a silicone insulated safety net, the temperature is 5 degrees Celsius higher than the ordinary eyelash curler, but it will not burn the eyelids and protect our skin more safely.
  • Portable: The battery-style mini eyelash curler is only the size of a lipstick, put into a cosmetic bag, carry a bag, or even a pocket, super easy to carry, can be used anywhere.

Product Description

Color: pearl white
Material: ABS
Size: 12 * 2.0 cm
Weight: 27 g
How to use:
1. Open the bottom shell of the perm eyelash curler, put a AAA battery, close the outer casing, open the golden switch design, the indicator light is red, the eyelash curler enters the preheating state, preheating for 30 seconds.
2. Apply mascara to both eyes and use the eyelash curler. Use the concave surface of the eyelash curler to gently lift the eyelashes, then turn it in a little bit and wait for 3-10 seconds before releasing. You can use the back of the eyelash curler to press the eyelashes down for a few seconds, and the eyelashes will become more curled.
3. Apply mascara. If you want to have a better effect, you can repeat the above steps, and the lower eyelashes can also be used.
1. Pay attention to the positive and negative directions of the battery installation.
2. It is recommended to remove the battery every time it is used up.
3. It is recommended to purchase alkaline battery AA, do not buy inferior batteries or fake batteries to avoid leakage and damage to the machine.
4. There is a small cleaning brush in the box, which can be used to clean the heat insulation net. Please be careful not to wash it with water.
5. First use mascara, then use eyelash curler.
6. Heated Eyelash Curler do not rinse it with water. Wipe it with a soft cloth after use.
7. If the indicator of the eyelash curler becomes dark or the heat is insufficient or the curl is very slow, please replace the battery.

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