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Product features

  • Convenient kits include enough traditional 5: 1 marine epoxy resin and hardener to complete a variety of boatbuilding and epoxy repair projects. Easy to apply by brush, roller, syringe, spreader, or by pouring onto wood, fiberglass, reinforcement fabrics, etched aluminum, bare steel, and lead.
  • Self-leveling properties are ideal for coating and laminating. Viscosity is favored for wetting out fiberglass cloth and other reinforcement fabrics easily. When combined with fillers, it makes a strong fairing compound, filleting material, or adhesive.
  • Pot life ranges from 12 minutes @ 75°F for Fast Hardener, to 20 minutes @ 75°F for Slow Hardener. Cures to a high-strength, moisture-resistant, light amber plastic solid that can be sanded and shaped easily, once cured. Not suitable for clear-coating applications.
  • Includes metered resin and hardener pumps that provide the exact 5 parts resin to 1 part hardener ratio for a proper cure every time. Easy-to-use pumps are calibrated , so all you have to do is mix ONE full pump of hardener to every ONE full pump of resin. Compatible with all 5: 1 marine epoxy resin systems.
  • Kits are available in quart, gallon, and 5. 45-gallon sizes, with your choice of Total Boat 5: 1 Fast or Slow Hardener. Kit comes with resin & hardener pumps, gloves, mixing sticks, and plastic mixing cups.

Product Description

Total Boat 5: 1 Epoxy Kits contain the traditional 5: 1 marine epoxy resin and hardener valued for its high strength and moisture resistance perfect for completing a variety of boat building projects and boat repairs, whether for wood or fiberglass boats. Kits contain Total Boat traditional 5: 1 Epoxy Resin (compare to West System 105), your choice of Total Boat 5: 1 Fast or Slow Hardener (compare to West System 205 and 206 hardeners), and calibrated 5: 1 measuring pumps. The 5: 1 epoxy resin and hardener pumps are designed to reduce waste in addition to ensuring you get the exact ratio and a perfect cure every time. Choose Total Boat 5: 1 Fast Hardener to achieve a proper cure while working in cooler temperatures (50-85°F). At 75°F, pot life is 12 minutes. Slow Hardener is best when working in warmer temperatures (70-95 degrees), or if you want to extend working times and cure times. At 75°F, pot life is 20 minutes. For dispensing product via pumps, the recommended temperature is 60-70°F. Total Boat 5: 1 marine epoxy resin can be applied to fiberglass, reinforcement fabrics, wood, etched aluminum, and bare steel. To make a strong adhesive, filleting material, or fairing compound, combine the resin with Total Boat fillers and thickening agents. Available in 3 sizes: quart, gallon, and 4-gallon kits. Quart kit includes 30 fl. oz. of epoxy and 6 fl. oz. of hardener. Gallon kit includes 127 fl. oz. of resin with 25 fl. oz. oz of hardener. 4-gallon kits include 4. 5 gallons of epoxy and 1 gallon of hardener. Product can be applied by brush, roller, or syringe. It can also be poured and spread using a plastic resin spreader. 5: 1 Epoxy Resin Kits can save you time and money on projects ranging from wet layups and laminating, to installing bulkheads. All Total Boat products are developed by boaters, for boaters. We know what works and what doesn’t.

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