TOPCHANCES Wood Burning Kit,Pyrography Wood Burning Kit for Adults,50W Pyrography Machine Wood Burner for Wood and Gourd - Dual Pens and 20pcs Wire Tips

Product Description

&#12304 Wood Burning Kit Type &#12305 AC110V 50W pyrography machine;Pyrography Tips:20pcs;Display: Pointer display(★Note:The CD include is not the English instruction ,it's the indruduction of pyrography patterns !)

&#12304 Adjustable Temperture &#12305 The heater strip normal use temperature 0-800℃ , the use of copper pyrography tips can be baked at 0 - 500℃ temperature rendering, fine rendering .

&#12304Temperature Control Warnring &#12305 When adjust temperature of the pen, Please keep the normal temperature range in gray area, do not turn to red area as excessive temperature will reduce the pen’s service life even burn out other units. Appropriate adjustment of temperature is very important, normally the pen is in slight red will be okay.

&#12304Adwantage of this Pyrography&#12305 This wood burning kit is a professional machine for pyrography ,it has two heating pens can be used at the same time.It has advantages of high-resistance alloy pen tip with high strength at high temperature and not soft, long life of anti-oxidation, carbon deposition, etc

&#12304Pyrography Use Instruction&#12305 Turn on the switch during using ,then the machine starts up when the indicator light is red.Adjust temperature of the pen ,through the thermostat, slowly adjust the voltage, until the electric wire tip is gray .Within the heat baked pen thermostat, do not make the writing temperature of more than 500 degrees, it is easy to burn the written head, the heat a little red tip keep the normal temperature range in gray area(Do not turn to red area as excessive

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