Product features

  • ✔️ 8 HIGH QUALITY BURNER COVERS just right for your gas range. These keep your burners clean and protected while shielding adults and children from hot burners. Heat resistant up to a full 500 degrees.
  • ✔️ LARGE OVEN LINER 16.25’’x 23’’ has double thickness at an impressive 0.2mm. It is long lasting and reusable. Both the liner and burner covers are non-stick and very easy to clean. They make cooking and food preparation much easier, more productive, and more enjoyable.
  • ✔️ PERFECTLY SIZED stove burner covers 10.6” x 10.6” with pre-cut inner radius of 1.8". You can easily trim them to fit your stovetop. You get a custom fit that looks neat and professional. Works well with all brands of stoves for a universal solution preferred by many culinary experts.
  • ✔️ SAFE with no BPA or PFOA. Non-toxic with no harsh chemicals or harmful impurities. The black color is very stylish and works well with all colors of stoves and ranges. This is the affordable accessory that will make your kitchen much safer, easier to clean, and enjoyable to use.
  • ✔️ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will be your best bet for a pleasing no-risk purchase. People love the extra benefits and reusable nature that makes this a terrific value. Hurry and buy now while we have this popular item in plentiful supply. It's selling quickly. It makes a fine birthday gift, holiday present, or anniversary gift for the cook or home owner in your life.

Product Description

8 PACK GAS STOVE BURNER COVERS with the preferred round shape. These provide a universal fit sized at 10.6″ x 10.6″ with pre-cut inner radius of 1.8″. They are easy to trim to give a custom fit. The black color goes with everything and is a customer favorite. We also include a large size Oven Liner measuring 16.25 x 23 inches. It sports double thickness at a nice 0.2mm. All are easy to clean, non-stick, and highly reusable. You will get years of convenience, improved safety, and top performance from this set. Enjoy complete safety with FDA approval and no BPA or PFOA. Food safe and non-toxic with no harsh chemicals or hazardous additives.



8 Pack Gas Stove Burner Covers

Universal fit for most ranges

10.6″ x 10.6″ trimable for custom fit

Round, non-stick, easy to clean

Includes large size oven liner 16.25 x 23 inches

Double thickness 0.2mm

Durable, reusable, and long lasting

Popular stylish black color

Heat resistant up to 500 degrees

Protects children and adults from hot burners

Helps keep your stove top clean and dust free

Safe & Non-Toxic

FDA Approved, No BPA, PFOA


100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase. Many customers love this so much they return to buy one for a friend. Hurry and get yours now while we have a fresh shipment in stock. This makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers.

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