Product features

  • ✔️STEMLESS – Impress your guests with this uniquely designed champagne flute. Unlike ordinary champagne flutes, this one is stemless which gives it a more elegant and one-of-a-kind vibe. The stemless design also gives it more stability.
  • ✔️ GROOVED CUPS – Adding to these champagne flutes distinctive characteristic is the grooves at the bottom of each flute. This makes it a more remarkable product that will really pique your guest’s curiosity. The grooves are designed for these champagne flutes to attach to a matching display tray to hold each flute in place and avoid spilling.
  • ✔️ DISPLAY TRAY – This set of 20 stemless champagne flutes come with a unique display tray designed with matching spaces for each grooved champagne flute to attach to. This allows for a stable display tray without worry of any spilling because each champagne flute is securely attached to the tray.
  • ✔️ASSORTED USES – You can use these champagne flutes for all uses that you can imagine. It is not only great to serve beverages like wine during parties. It can also be a great flute to present unique desserts. Your guests surely haven’t seen anything like it and it will add to the joy of their party experience.
  • ✔️HIGH QUALITY – These champagne flutes as well as the matching tray are made of high-quality materials to guarantee that they will withstand repeated use over time. The champagne flutes are also BPA-free to ensure you that you can safely serve your beverages and desserts in these unique fluted cups.

Product Description

Make your parties and events more memorable through these unique Stemless Champagne Flutes!

Are you tried of ordinary champagne flutes causing so much accidental spilling even before you serve it to your guests? We have the solution for you! These stemless champagne flutes will give you the stability that you are looking for in a fluted cup!

Here’s how this awesome product works:

Stemless Flutes – These champagne flutes feature a unique design that will impress and surprise your guests. It has done away with the unstable stemmed design and instead opted for a more stable tapered design.

Matching Tray – The champagne flutes are designed with grooves at the bottom which securely attach to a matching display tray. This makes it easier to serve wine and desserts to your guests without worrying about accidental spills.

Unique Receptacle – These champagne flutes provide you with more options to serve food in your events in a more unique way. These flutes can be used not only for beverages but also for desserts like parfaits.

Your parties don’t have to be like all the other parties using the same stemmed champagne flutes. Stand out by adding these stemless champagne flutes to your cart now!

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