Product features

  • FAST MUSCLE RELIEF FROM PLANTAR FASCIITIS and other pain and soreness. Those who suffer from ongoing pain, especially foot and heel pain, can find relief with a self massage with either our lacrosse or spiky massage therapy balls. The balls provide deep muscle tension relief and improved relief in the neck , hamstring and foot , similar to reflexology , targeting specific points and massaging the right amount of pressure into that targeted spot.
  • IMPROVE BLOOD CIRCULATION with the spiky massage ball. The sharp nodules on the spiky ball improve circulation, and the sharper the nodules are the more stimulation your feet receive. The spiky ball can also help with deep tissue physiotherapy for the feet, which, beyond relieving plantar fasciitis, can also prevent foot and ankle injuries. This makes spiky balls perfect for using at the end of a tough day when you need to unwind and de-stress.
  • IMPROVE YOUR RANGE OF MOTION with the smooth massage ball. By breaking up the adhesions in the fascia, your muscles and connective tissue can move more freely and you avoid muscle restrictions when you exercise. The smooth ball will also relieve tension in the myofascial network, and it helps your muscles return to their normal length, improving muscle function. It will also encourage the flow of lymph, which is a major component of your immune system that helps to fight infection in the body
  • ATHLETES IN ANY SPORT CAN IMPROVE THEIR WARMUP AND COOLDOWN. Whether it's basketball, football, weightlifting, crossfit, kickboxing, or yoga, you'll loosen your muscles up before your session and massage away pain from back knots with our high-quality physical therapy ball. You'll even improve recovery time by speeding up how quickly your muscles drain out lactic acid. A trigger point treatment ball easily rolls on the body, making it one of the most effect myofascial release tools.
  • OUR PACKAGE INCLUDES EVERY TOOL YOU NEED PLUS HOW TO USE. When you purchase from us you're getting all the necessities in a single package. All our customer gain access to our online how to use tips plus, two ergonomically designed massage balls, ideal tools for muscle and deep tissue relief, a carry bag that lets you take them anywhere, and a premium box to keep them stored. We are also very active on social media. At Tunods Fitness we strive to create the tools our customers can depend on.

Product Description

Get relief for those hard-to-reach places and dare to go where no massage ball has gone before!

Discover the unbending strength of Tunods Fitness massage balls-firm and durable for the ultimate release. Improve your muscle recovery time while doing away with soreness and pain from overexertion. You’ll even be able to address painful conditions like plantar fasciitis through effective myofascial release.

Take it With You Everywhere You Go

Muscle relief on the go! Our roller ball lets you get instant post- workout relief after CrossFit, pilates, cycling, and even physical therapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation exercise routines!

Three Questions We Often Get

How do I use the massage Balls?

All our customers gain access to our online how to use tips so you can get the best out of the balls by following our favorite exercises, however everyone is different and will prefer to use the massage balls in different ways. We are very also very active on social media with photos and latest trends

How Often Should Massage Balls be Used?

As often as you want! We recommend it at least 5 times a week, and definitely after any workout.

Where Should I Avoid Rolling Over?

We recommend you roll over any sore muscle until you feel a change, specifically reduced pain or tension. If there’s no change after about 1 minute, move on to another area and come back to that spot later.

Get rolling with Tunods Fitness Spiky and Smooth Multi-Purpose Massage Ball Duo and feel all your worries melt away. Relief is oh so sweet.

Product Materials

Smooth Ball is made of silicone, Spiky ball is made of PVC

Product Sizing

Comes in a box that is 5.3 inches x 3 inches x 3 inches. Spiky ball is 2.8 inches in diameter, smooth ball is 2.5 inches in diameter.

Product Includes

Spiky ball, Smooth Ball, Bag to keep them in and box.

RRP $24.75

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