SPACE PET Flying Dragon Purple 36 inch Zero-Gravity Hovering Toy with Invisible Floating Height Control Weightpacs

Product Description

AWARD WINNING: Gravity defying Zero-G toys hover and move about in mid-air with absolutely "No Strings Attached"! These groundbreaking, free-floating "weighted" Neutrally Buoyant balloons are "String-less" and are NOT TIED to a STRING! Fantastic Floatables are durable, and can withstand long hours of indoor play. They are helium powered and will hover 2 - 4+ weeks on one fill and can be deflated with a straw and stored until it is refilled for later use. Indoor use only. See videos below.

WORLDS FIRST: Zero-G Dragon "soars" through your home following air currents, surprising and interacting with you and your amazed guests. Their extraordinary aerial antics, unique "lifelike" behavior, and uncanny attraction to humans is guaranteed to fascinate and entertain everyone, capturing the attention of anyone who sees them. The "HIT" of your Fantasy/Animal/Dragon party! EVERY EARTHLING SHOULD OWN ONE!

REVOLUTIONARY: These cutting-edge Zero-Gravity "Pet" balloons are the next stage in balloon evolution! They are your best value! It's a great Gift, a terrific Toy, a delightful Decoration, a fabulous Party Favor, a captivating Centerpiece, and a reusable Balloon all in one! They are a completely NEW experience and the excitement, fun, and games Floatables inspire are limited only by the imagination. They make wonderful gifts for all ages because NO-ONE has ever seen anything like this before!

INNOVATIVE FLIGHT CONTROL TECHNOLOGY: Apply Weightpacs to previously inflated Floatable. Then remove Weight-tabs until Floatable hovers. After it's hovering each Weight-tab you REMOVE will RAISE the hovering height of the toy about 1 foot and each Weight-tab you ADD will LOWER the hovering height about 1 foot. Waist height is recommended for their "following humans" feature. Over time the toy will require further removal of Weigh-tabs due to helium loss to maintain "neutral buoyancy".

IMPORTANT: You must purchase these from Fantastic Floatables on Amazon or they WON'T include our "No Strings Attached" Weightpacs or HOVER in mid-air. Includes one Floatable, our exclusive "No Strings Attached" Zero-G Height Control Weightpacs, and instructions. They are REFILLABLE and additional Zero-G Height Control Weightpacs for reuse are sold separately. No batteries needed. Helium not included. Fantastic Floatables are sold uninflated. 100% Guaranteed or your money back.

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