Sodium Alginate 100% Food Grade | Natural Thickening Powder & Gelling Agent for Cooking ( 16 Oz)

Product Description

<b> Natural thickening Powder: </b> Sodium Alginate food grade powder is widely used as a natural thickening agent and perfect fit for all your culinary adventures

<b> Natural Gelling agent: </b> Sodium Alginate natural and instant thickener emulsify in liquids to create sauces, syrups, dressings, gravies, mayonnaise and pie fillings

<b> Use as a meat binder: </b> Sodium Alginate natural food thickener used as meat binder to produce nuggets, roast, meat leaves and steaks. features the correct viscosity for direct and reverse spherification

<b> Create caviar effect: </b> Sodium Alginate food grade instant thickening agent features in creating ideal viscosity for both direct and reverse spherification. Hence this is suitable for creating imitation caviar spheres.

<b> Relevant and Trustworthy: </b> Sodium Alginate natural and instant food and drink thickener is 100% vegan safe, and gluten-free

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