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Product features

  • FAST - RingShrinker Resin cures within 3 minutes with UV light (provided)
  • EASY TO APPLY ring sizer (brush in bottle like nail polish)
  • INVISIBLE - Applied only to the inside of the ring
  • COMFORTABLE and Durable (best for rings 3mm wide or wider)
  • SAFE for all metals. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Product Description

RingShrinker with UV Flashlight.

RingShrinker is a simple, fast, comfortable, and durable ring size adjuster, and is virtually invisible because it is applied only to the inside of the ring.

RingShrinker is easy to apply and is safe for all metals. RingShrinker works best on rings that are at least 2mm wide.

Instructions: Wash the ring with very hot water and (non-lotion) dish detergent. Rinse well and dry completely. We also supply cleaning pads which we recommend using after washing and drying the ring. Apply the RingShrinker resin ONLY indoors or in the shade (never in direct sunlight).

To cure, expose the ring to direct sunlight for 1 minute or with the UV Flashlight for about 3 minutes.

RingShrinker can be applied as bumps or continuously around the inside of the ring. Be sure to use only a small amount of resin on the brush so that you don’t apply too much at once. Multiple applications can be applied for greater ring size reduction.

Once hardened, your ring is safe to wear immediately. There may be a slight stickiness on the surface which will go away quickly.

Be sure to close the container tightly and seal in the light protective bag when not in use.

We, PGC INC (jpcpgc), are the manufacturer and ONLY AUTHORIZED SELLER of this product. Purchases from any other seller will not have our customer service or exchange privileges and may not be in approved packaging.


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