Product features

  • World's first motorized multifunction quilling tool that Makes Quilling a lot more fun, easy and exciting for children to help them express their creativity and imagination
  • This all in one quilling tool performs 4 different functions from same tool using replaceable attachments- Can be used for Basic Quilling, 3D Quilling, Bead making and Crimping
  • With this automated quilling tool you can make coils of the Quilling strips in a flash so you can spend more time having fun creating your designs and projects
  • Pack comes with a super quiller, and 4 attachments ie easy quilling disk (for starters) jumbo quilling disk (for 3D quilling),beading (for paper bead making),crimper(for crimping a zig-zag patter to strips), 200 multi-colored Quilling Strips, 75 customized Beading Strips and a Quilling Sizing Board to get you started
  • Replaceable Crimping and Beading attachment are super fun to use it for your creative projects - from scrap booking to school projects to fashion accessories

Product Description

Super Quiller and Buddies is a fascinating set of craft tools and a must have for every craft lover. Coil like an expert with this world’s first motorized multifunctional quilling tool. Quilling was never so easy before! Now with this motorized Super Quiller makes Coils in a jiffy. 1) EASY QUILLING DISC: Start by using Easy Quilling Disc if you are beginner. The Easy Quilling Disc helps you to make coils in jiffy as -all you have to do is insert the paper in the slot and press the button to makes coils with just one hand. You can coil up to 2-3 strips using the Easy Quilling disc that will be sufficient for most of the Quilling projects that you may take up as a beginner. As you gain comfort, you can start playing around with attachments to open up a whole new world of creative possibilities. 2) JUMBO QUILLING DISC: Then you can try using the Jumbo Quilling disc, wherein you can make coils of up to 20 strips of 10 mm that can be used for making different 3D Quilled objects such as Jhumka, Dolls etc, to take your Quilling skills to next level. 3) THE BEADING BUDDY ATTACHMENT: You can make beautiful paper beads using the Beading Buddy with some specially designed beading strips. Using the beading attachment- you can make fascinating and colorful paper jewelry. 4) THE CRIMPING BUDDY ATTACHMENT: A fun and valuable attachment for your Super Quiller – to enable you – to Crimp in seconds. The crimping buddy helps you give a crooked and fun look to your creations such as Animals, Flowers or other objects as you can crimp paper up to 10 mm wide. Give a zig-zag crimped effect to your quilled strips using the Crimping Buddy. Use the crimped strips to make great borders or add a stand out look to your coil. The tool runs on 2 AA batteries of any available brand. Once you have a hang of the system you can begin offering life to your imaginative thoughts utilizing this unique arts and craft kit.

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