Product features

  • ✨TAKE YOUR HOBBIES TO THE NEXT LEVEL - You've mastered the art of your favorite craft but you want to take it one step further. Add Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder by pic k a zoom and watch with amazement as your slime, soap, bath bombs, resins and paints burst into a powerful glow in the dark. A must to add to your slime and soap making supplies.
  • ✨SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES AND LEVELS from crafts with children to hobbyists and professional artists. All our materials are non-toxic and completely safe so they can also be used on the body and in nail varnish. Just charge with light and glow! Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa this is your opportunity to be a superhero with your kids and show them the magic. Remember, children should not be left unsupervised when doing crafts.
  • ✨SO EASY TO USE - Simply mix 1 of the 10 luminescent colors in with your craft solution, mix well and wait for the magic to happen. For an extra "wow" effect, add one of the stunning glitter pots. Do read the instructions carefully so that you get the perfect outcome and you will not be disappointed with the results.
  • ✨NO WASTE AND NO MESS - Each pigment comes in an individual plastic pot. The pots are then contained in plastic box to keep all of your supplies together in one place. The pigment does not stick to the pot and is easy to get to so you can use up every grain.
  • ✨QUALITY TIME - Whether you are working on your own projects or you would like to really get the kids excited, you will enjoy working with these fine powdered pigments. The end result is always of the highest quality. Makes a great gift for the crafter in your life. BUY NOW and create original, bright and mesmerizing projects.

Product Description

This is Laura, the owner of pic k a zoom. I am a serious hobbyist and artist and everything that I sell has been tried and tested by me personally. I only pass it on to you, my clients, when I am absolutely certain that it is a premium product.

So, when you buy these glow in the dark pigment powders you can be sure that you have bought the finest quality, non-toxic, safe to use product available and if you have any issues, I’m right here to help and advise you.

With this purchase you receive:
* 10 colors of glow in the dark pigments of the best quality available
* 2 glitter pigments
* Each powder comes in its own transparent container with lid
* All 12 containers are then packed together in a transparent plastic box in which you can continue to store your pigments and gives you easy access at all times.

Add them to your stash to use in any art or craft which uses a solution such as:
* Slime
* Soap
*Bath bombs
* Resin
* Paint
* Scrapbooking
* Nail Polish
* Card Making

OK… Someone stop me! I think you have the idea. Only your imagination is your limit as far as this wonderful product is concerned.

Who can use it? Absolutely anyone!
* Parents and grandparents who love to do fun artsy things with the kids and grandkids.
* Crafters of all levels in many, many different materials
* Amateur and professional painters

Whatever you do use the pigments and glitter for you will be rewarded by amazing results with no fuss and no mess.

Once your project is finished you just need to “charge” the pigments with a lamp or sunlight and watch as it magically begins to glow in the dark.

BUY NOW and begin a new phase in your artistic life. Also makes a great gift for your favorite crafter! This is a no risk purchase!! 🙂

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