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Product features

  • Designed to reduce most common feeding issues: colic, gas, and reflux
  • Air Free vent keeps nipple full of milk, not air
  • Air Free vent is 1 piece, easy to clean
  • A range of flow rates are available for your growing baby
  • This bottle includes 1month+ Slow Flow nipples (Size 2)
  • Philips Avent is the Number 1 brand recommended by moms worldwide

Product Description

Philips Avent SCF403/44 Anti-colic baby bottle with Air Free vent 9oz with Anti-colic baby bottle Slow Flow Nipple (size 2) promotes the health and comfort of your baby. This BPA free bottle is designed to reduce most common feeding issues including colic, gas, and reflux. The unique Air Free vent keeps the nipple full of milk, not air, as baby feeds in a range of positions for easier upright feeding. By keeping the nipple full of milk, the Air Free vent helps baby ingest less air. The Air Free vent is only one piece, and is easy to clean without any special tools. The Anti-colic bottle features a valve that reduces vacuum buildup, and reducing air into your baby’s tummy. The Anti-colic bottle can be used with or without the Air Free vent, giving you the option based on your baby’s feeding needs. The extra soft silicone nipple is available in different flow rates for babies of all ages. The Anti-colic baby bottle works interchangeably with most of the Philips Avent range making it easier to meet your growing baby’s changing needs. We recommend using the Philips Avent Anti-colic baby bottle with Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle nipples.Directions – Mix 1 scoop with 1 cup of water or add to your smoothie, granola or culinary creation of choice.Store in a cool, dry place.

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