Product features

  • START HAVING FUN IN THE KITCHEN WITH ALL YOUR FAMILY. Our textured rolling pin 16 Inch is very easy to use, so have some fun using this engraved rolling pin with your whole family. This embossed rolling pin can be used for fancy pastry decorations, cake decorations, shortbreads, basic biscuits, play dough, and even clay. Why not get your kids involved too!
  • EASY TO CLEAN:You only need to wash under running water and dry in the air,they will not take up too much space in the kitchen drawer
  • ROLLING-PINS can be a really nice housewarming and pretty gift for your friends, kids and your kitchen.
  • ERFECT PRODUCT FOR YOUR MINDFUL MOMENTS. When you are stressed out or anxious, baking with our engraved rolling pin is the perfect remedy. Embrace the beauty of inner peace when you are fully dedicated to your textured creations.
  • INCLUDES - 1pcs Silicone Cup Pad, 2pcs Reusable Metal Drinking Straws 1pcs with Cleaning Brush Bar and Tasty Treat Receipt eBook! (email sent pdf)

Product Description

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Materials: Natural Wood, Ecological Friendly Rolling-pins can be a really nice housewarming and pretty gift for your friends, kids and your kitchen. So, you can choose any pattern from our shop or propose your own. The wooden rolling pin for making cookies. The dough can be made of salt-, sugar- or ceramic-mass! Reindeer and dog size is 5*43cm, others size is 5*38cm Use of wood: 1) First clean new wood products, please try not to boil or boil with boiling water, because it will destroy the structure of the logs and greatly shorten the service life of the wood. For the first time, it is recommended to infuse with salt water for 3-4 hours, then clean it normally. The surface of the woodwork after the first cleaning will have some rough feeling. This is normal and will become smoother as the time of use increases. 2) Make the wood more bright and make the wood grain of the wood more beautiful. After infusing the salt water, wash and dry it, then use the cooking oil (olive oil) to gently wipe the surface of the wood, then dry Last 12 hours. The purpose is to let the logs drink enough oil, and the wood is more durable and beautiful. 3) Attention to the problem can be disinfected by the ozone layer of the disinfection cabinet, and can be inoculated with the warm salt water without ozone disinfection for about 3 hours, then cleaned normally, and placed in a dry and ventilated place to dry. Do not use any high-temperature electrical appliances such as sterilizers and microwave ovens. They should not be placed next to the heaters and should not be exposed to the sun. 4) Wood color difference Wood is a naturally occurring material. There must be differences in color and texture. They have their own unique appearance.

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