Product features

  • Professional illuminated eye-loupe - 1/2 inch triplet lens in metal frame. adjustable focus. simple light switch. batteries included
  • Powerful 6 LED lighting - pick up the smallest details in jewelry crystals, coins, collectibles, hallmarks and other tiny objects
  • Eyeglass handlens for gem-stone identification and appraisal, collecting hobbies, gold and silver testing, hydroponics and more
  • Eyeloop provides alternative for more common models of 10X, 15X, 25X, 30X, 40X, 50X and 60X iluminated spy-glass eye-lupe viewers
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Product Description

In response to the lack of affordable professional lighted eyeloupes that would still hold high-quality glass lenses, Otto&Haas created this helpful professional’s and collector’s everyday companion – illuminated 20 X loupe.

Extra Light Plus Optical Precision
With even 6 LEDs surrounding triplet lense, Otto&Haas jeweller’s loope provides a sharper vision, is engineered to eliminate color distortion and provide acuity of an image. Ideal for small jobs and examining fine details. Lighting is turned on by a gentle push on a button on the side.

Best used for
Jewellery magnifer is used for detecting impurities in precious stones (diamonds, emeralds, rubies, jade), crafts, geology, botany, viewing collected herbs and plants, hydroponics, insects, lab, medical measurements and detection, mineralogy, petrology, photo-graphy making, printing, metal engraving, film negatives (with light-box), checking knife blades after sharpening, electronic circuit board soldering and repair, reading inscriptions, currency inspection and more.

Used by
X20 handlense magnifyer is used by professional jewlers, coin, post-stamp collectors, hobbyists, geologists, petrologists, photographers, watchmakers, engravers, printers, hardware and equipment testers.

How to use
Loupe is factory pre-focused. However, focal length setting can be slightly adjusted by turning the lense frame. To obtain the best focus place the examined object right under the loop and your eye approximately 1 to 2 inches away from the lens. Increase or decrease the distances between the loupe and the object until the sharpest image is obtained. Hold the loupe with three fingers for easiest control. It is not designed to be held with eye socket.

Money-Back Guarantee
100% No-Hassle MoneyBack Guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with our magnifying glass, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

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