Organic Verdana USDA Certified Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Cold Pressed, Unrefined, 16 Fl. Oz. – 100% Pure - Hexane free - Non GMO – for Face & Hair – Carrier Oil Base

Product Description

USDA Organic, Hexane free, Non-GMO. Cold Pressed.

FOR DRY SKIN: Don’t you just hate it when your elbows or heels get so dry that they crack? Verdana’s 100% jojoba oil is a natural moisturizer, very similar to the sebum that the skin naturally produces. It’s safe to use as a facial moisturizer. Gently massage a few drops into the desired area according to your personal preference.

FOR DRY HAIR: Are you sick of frizzy hair that has a mind of its own? Tame your frizzy hair and boost hair growth with Verdana’s virgin jojoba oil. This also helps with itchy or flaky scalp. Add a few drops to your shampoo or directly to your damp hair. Massage it in to your scalp according to your personal preference. Rejuvenate brittle, frizzy, and dry hair with our jojoba oil.

FOR RAZOR BURN: This natural filtered jojoba oil is the perfect solution for razor burn, being non-allergenic and non-comedogenic. Apply the organic oil before shaving to create a smooth surface for shaving. Then, apply it after to moisturize your skin and help cuts heal.

NATURAL MAKEUP REMOVER: Our cold pressed jojoba oil is a natural way to remove your makeup every day. Avoid extra dry skin that comes from some makeup removers. Add a few drops to a cotton ball or pad and gently wipe off your makeup. If you have very dry skin, jojoba oil will help to moisturize the areas where you removed the makeup.

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