Product features

  • Nendo Soft Clay was specially crafted with input from popular slimers (SlimeYoda, Slime.Bun, PopularSlime, SlimeDivinee, SlimeCityB, and others) to make the perfect clay for pro and beginner slime creators.
  • Each box comes with 60 grams of clay and a high quality sticker featuring art from a random Nendo Soft Clay animal in every box!
  • Non-Toxic with a low scent - perfect for adding your own fragrances!
  • Highly praised by slimers around the world with ten beautiful colors to choose from made with quality as our focus
  • Perfect for making slimes, models, and for all sorts of other fun crafts!

Product Description

Specifically designed as an essential ingredient for slime making. Also great as a modeling clay. Collect all boxes to reveal a new illustration! 60 grams of clay. Non-toxic. No need to bake. Air dry material. Ultra Light and stretchy. Smooth touch. Suitable for ages 6 and over. Testimonials by famous slimers: “Nendo Soft Clay is unlike any other product I’ve ever used. Not only is the texture of the clay unique, but so is the artwork on each box!” – SlimeYoda. “Nendo Soft Clay is the perfect add in for any slime project! There’s so much you can create with the wide variety of colors! It makes the smoothest butter slime out there.” – SlimeCityB “Nendo Soft Clay makes amazing fluffy, soft butter slime and is one of my favourite clays to use in slime!” – Slime.Bun “Nendo Soft Clay is a dense and airy clay, great for clicky butter slimes!” – PopularSlime “Nendo Soft Clays are super pretty and vibrant. When mixed into slime, it creates a super soft and stretchy butter slime. It is super stretchy and makes the best swirls. It is for sure one of the best butter slimes I have ever felt. I truly recommend it.” – SlimeDivinee

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