Product features

  • MUST-HAVE NAIL KIT FOR SMOOTH AND SHINY NAILS – Buff off the ridges on your nails to achieve that smooth surface and help your nail polish adhere better.
  • NATURAL SHEEN FOR POLISHED LOOK – Worry not about nail polish that will start chipping! This gives you an option to skip the polishing step and still achieve the attractive sheen of clear nail polish.
  • GUARANTEED HEALTHY NAILS – Buffing stimulates blood circulation to the nail bed which then helps the nails to grow faster and contribute to the health of the nails in general. Plus, it gets rid of dry and dead cells on the nail surface.
  • QUICK FIX FOR NAIL EMERGENCIES – Save yourself a trip to the salon by learning how to properly shape and file your nails at home. These double-sided emery boards and buffer blocks have different grits that should take care of your filing needs.
  • PERFECT GIFT SET FOR HER OR HIM – Treat your loved ones to a salon experience at home with these beautiful nail files and buffers.

Product Description

How to Use This Nail File and Buffer Kit


-Start by cleaning the surface of your nails with nail polish remover (if needed).
-Make sure your nails are clean and dry.
-Trim your nails to your desired length.


-File from the side of your nail to the center in one direction, lifting the nail file away from the nail then back to starting point again.
-Do this until you reach your desired nail shape.
-To create a smoother edge, tuck the tip of the file under your nail then using a flicking motion, remove the nail filings from the tips.
-Important Note: Do not file your nails back and forth like a sawing motion to avoid harsh trauma or breakage.


-Using the roughest side of the nail file or buffer, rub the nail in the direction of growth – short, upward and soft strokes. Depending on the thickness of your nails, you only need few strokes to smooth out the ridges.
-Next, use a less coarse (slightly smoother) nail file or buffer and gently rub in the same upward motion until your nail is smooth.
-Lastly, use the nail file or buffer with the finest grit (smoothest or the least coarse) to give your nails a shiny finish.
-Repeat the buff once every three to four weeks to maintain healthy and shiny nails.

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