Product features

  • 2019 Upgraded Patent: After an in-depth study of lacrosse balls, muscle roller stick and foam roller, we have improved these muscle massagers. We design and produce this new muscle massager that are easier to use, more portable and better to trigger point therapy.
  • Suitable for Full-body: foot/ calves/ thigh/ arm/ chest/ shoulder/ neck/ back/ waist & buttocks.
  • Easy to Use: We design this muscle roller as one-hand using. You just need to hold the massager to roll on the body, you can relax the muscles. You don't need to do difficult or awkward movements like lacrosse balls, muscle roller stick and foam roller which will make your body more tired.
  • Can Do More Thing at Anywhere: You can easily massage yourself without the assistance of other tools. You can release other hand. It means that you can do other thing when you massage your muscle. Walking, sitting, eating, reading, playing mobile and computer, and so on.
  • Easy to Carry: We offer carry bags. You can take them with you whatever you are at home, going to the gym, or traveling, . This product does not take up a lot of space.

Product Description

Why need muscle massager:
1. Pre-exercise massage is an important measure to prevent sports injuries.
2. Massage during exercise can relieve muscle spasm, restore muscle flexibility and improve training level.
3. Massage after exercise can relieve muscle stiffness, dilute lactic acid, reduce muscle soreness, eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength.

What it can do:
1. Corrects muscle imbalances
2. Reduces soreness and improves tissue recovery
3. Suppresses and reduces trigger point sensitivity and pain
4. Decreases neuromuscular hypertonicity
5. Decreases the overall effects of stress on the movement system
6. Great tool for any home therapy routine

Press the product onto the muscle after exercise, push back and forth to massage the muscle.

It is suitable for:
Athletes(runner, swimmer, body builder, bicyclist and so on), personal trainers, physical therapists, chiropractor, and their patients

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