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Meet Mirabelle and Mr. Muller–an irresistible Boston terrier and her devoted owner. They discover the joy of the simple and the pleasure of the everyday–playing catch, chasing a butterfly–in a fresh, appealing new series of board books.

With her oversized head, black-and-white features, and round, wide-set eyes, Mirabelle is the most expressive of dogs. She looks inquisitive, feisty, happy, smart, and eager. Eager for what? For adventure! Together with her owner, Mr. Muller, in his bow tie and big eyeglasses, Mirabelle fills her days with activities like playing catch with a red rubber ball or going for a late-afternoon walk and stopping at an ice cream truck. Mirabelle and Mr. Muller know what every little kid knows– the simplest thing can be endlessly fascinating and fun.

The smart look of the Mirabelle books is as original and iconic as Mirabelle herself, combining strong black lines, bright spots of color, and bits of photography to create seamless collages. The text of each story is a dialogue between Mr. Muller, who asks questions, and Mirabelle, who replies with her actions–perfect prompts for parents to take the Mr. Muller part and the child to answer in the role of Mirabelle.

The Adventures of Mirabelle is an online retailer of merchandise featuring Mirabelle, the plucky Boston Terrier and star of the Happy Dog Adventures Children’s book series. Our company retails commercial tie-in products on our website, including greeting cards, t-shirts, onesies, tote bags, messenger bags, iPad sleeves, vinyl beach totes, hats and other related products. We also wholesale products to a variety of bookstores, gift stores, toy stores and pet stores.

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