MATINGMARK Sheep & Goat Mating Crayon Block Marker for Ram Breeding/Marking Harness by Rurtec, 3 Pack (MILD Temperature) Made in New Zealand (Mild Yellow, Orange, Purple)

Product Description

Unique Hard Wearing Formulation - 3 Pack for MILD temperatures. Suitable for mild weather conditions (65 to 80 F / 18 to 30 C). For hot temperatures please use the hot rated crayons which are specially formulated to last longer and keep marking in high heat. By using the right temperature type for your climate, you can rest assured these high quality unique beeswax formulation marking crayons will mark well during mating without making a mess.

Simply “click in’ to a MATINGMARK Harness, even while the ram is still standing – no need to tip him over to change crayons! For use with any other breeding/marking harness (except Donaghys). There is a cotter pin under the label to attach the crayon.

Bold Colors - Available in a wide range of strong colors to provide easy identification of animals that have been served. Informative online video that includes instructions for use.

Will wash out of the fibre as certified fully scourable by New Zealand, Australia, and the UK Wool Board, although not by the US process which has only ever approved chalk.

Trusted by farmers and shepherds around the world. Take control of your breeding program and know exactly what’s happening when with MatingMark, direct from the manufacturer - Rurtec. Previously sold by Premier until they changed to petroleum-based crayons, and then apologized for not testing that they would work in all temperatures.

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