LinenMe Multi Stripe Bath Towel, 26 by 51'-inch, Blue/White, Prewashed, 100% European Linen

Product Description

Classic and beautiful this multi stripe linen towel will suit any bathroom, provided you search for some great quality. Pure linen fabric is pleasant against skin and absorbs moisture instantly. Linen towels are famous for their longevity

Size: 26 inch

Produced in europe from 100Percent linen

High absorbency - linen is able to absorb a phenomenal amount of water for its weight. So a linen towel will get you drier, quicker. This is great if your kids come shivering out of the pool's and need to get dry quickly. Linen is also beneficial for people with sensitive skin as you don’t need to rub as much as with other fabrics

Lightweight - our linen towels are lightweight yet super effective. This makes them perfect for packing for a trip to the beach, pool or gym. No more bulky cotton towels that take up your whole bag and weigh you down when they are wet

Fast drying - not only will a linen towel absorb more water than a cotton terry towel, it will shed it faster too. Which means that you can say goodbye to soggy morning-after towels, and instead pack up your freshly dried linen towel. Great for holidays, when you are in and out of the water, or showering and heading out for an adventure

At LinenMe we are committed to being as sustainable as possible in the production of our linen home textiles. Linen itself is a great environmentally-friendly material thanks to its durability (meaning less discarded items), the fact that fewer resources are needed to grow and process flax, and its biodegradability

LinenMe is a family business and inga represents already the 3Rd generation working with linen. Time-tested traditions of weaving and decorating linen are combined with modern technology. Making things by hands allows us to maintain high quality and preserve the authenticity, that's why so many of LinenMe products are handmade

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