Lilith li From China DIY Recommended Commonly Used Manual Embroidery Woven Jewelry Silk Threads (8#)

Product Description

1. These silk thread can not be run on the sewing machine, only for manual embroidery and manual repair, DIY jewelry and embroidery repair top clothes and the preparation of handmade products and for the production of cross-stitch and other crafts

2. Please carefully identify the authenticity: the silk ignition, ashes for the black tasteless, smell like burning hair. False silk material in the case of fire will quickly burn, smell is burning plastic, burning silk ashes are black particles, they can be crushed, fragile, fragile, fluffy. The burning of the fake silk is hard to crush, they stick together, you can not crush them easily.

3.100% pure natural silk never fade, in the light and natural light will be shiny.

4.Color from shallow to deep, the packaging contains 10 silk thread, each wire length of about 20-22 M

5.Line finishing method please see my picture description, thank you!

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