Knitting Organizer By Besti: Portable Knitting Yarn Storage Bag With Multiple Pockets, Individual Compartments, Carrying Shoulder Strap - Clear Plastic Tote Bag For Needles, Crochets & Threads (Black)

Product Description

A KNITTING TOTE BAG THAT FITS EVERYTHING: Do you enjoy knitting and crocheting? Then you probably have a huge collection of colorful threads, needles and crockets. Don’t worry, because the Besti knitting organizer is large enough (12”x15”x10”) to fit all of your knitting accessories! Try it out and see for yourself!

KEEP YOUR KNITTING ACCESSORIES ORGANIZED: The high capacity knitting tote bag has multiple individual compartments and external pockets so that you can keep your knitting tools organized and within easy reach! In this way, you will never lose a needle ever again! This is the most functional knitting bag on the market!

NO MORE TANGLED THREADS AND YARNS: Don’t You hate it when your knitting yarns get tangled and you can’t find their end? Thanks to beveled grommets on the top side of the knitting organizer, your threads won’t get tangled or frayed and you will be able to start knitting without having to search for the end of the thread you need!

MADE WITH DURABLE CLEAR PLASTIC: The biggest part of the knitting bag is made with heavy duty clear plastic, while the rest of it is made with durable polyester. The two materials are connected with strong stitching and zippers for easy access. As for the clear plastic, it allows you to see the content of the knitting bag without opening it!

CARRY THE BAG AROUND EFFORTLESSLY: Do you have a knitting class? Maybe you just enjoy knitting outdoors. In both cases, you can easily carry the knitting organizing bag with you, thanks to the carrying shoulder strap. That’s Right! You can now take your knitting tote back and practice your hobby anywhere you want!

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