Product features

  • 8 metallic colors, 320 strips total
  • Strip length is 355mm (approx. 14 inch.)
  • Each color is 40 strips in 1 package, total in 8 packages
  • Paper thickness is 120 gsm, width available is: 2/3/5/7/10 mm
  • This width is 3mm(approx. 0.12 in.), very popular

Product Description

JUYA Metallic Paper Quilling Set 320 Strips 8 Colors 355mm Length/strips

This is Metallic Colors Paper Quilling.
You can get 8 colors total.
From left to right, each of them is:

1. Crystal
5. Rose Quartz
8. Punch
10. Jupiter
15. Fairway
17. Sapphire
18. Gold
23. Silver
All of these colors is beautiful and good for all peoples.

One Color and 40 Strips Each Package.
Each Strip Length is 355mm (approx. 14 inch.), this is good for create quilling project

You can choose the width from
1. 2mm (approx. 0.08 in.), very good for delicate project.
2. 3mm (approx. 0.12 in.), very popular.
3. 5mm (approx. 0.20 inch), very popular.
4. 7mm (approx. 0.28 inch), for big works.
5. 10mm (approx. 0.39 inch), for large works or make small flower.

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