Product features

  • 10mm african turquoise round smooth about 38pcs
  • Selection of high quality natural african turquoise material cutting into squares, grinding into standard size of beads, polishing, drilling, the whole process is cumbersome and complex (beads appeared pits, cracks, impurities are normal is like)
  • The picture is for reference only! The brightness of the light is different, the display effect is different, each batch of stone material is different, which leads to the difference, each of which is unique. (the difference. color, eye, shade, stripes, shape)
  • Turquoise is a high quality jade material, which is regarded as the holy thing of auspicious happiness. Because of the different elements, the color is also different. The oxide in the oxide is blue when it contains copper, and it is green when it contains iron. Most of them are sky blue, light blue, green blue, green, green white.
  • Turquoise contains a lot of beneficial trace elements. Long time wear can promote the regeneration of cells, enhance immunity and strengthen the body. It can also treat the diseases of the eye. It also has a certain effect on radiation prevention. It's very suitable for the office worker who faces the computer all day. It can bring courage and confidence to people, make people get along with people around, get along well with others, harmoniously communicate with others, and reconcile people's

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