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Product features

  • PACKAGE INCLUDED:30PCS/20PCS/6PCS assorted embroidered patches.
  • FEATURES:Our patches supports the way of Iron On or Sew on
  • The Iron-On or Sew-on Patches are the perfect decorative addition to a wearable garment or a craft project,such as T-shirts,jackets,jeans,hats,blouses,skirts,bag,backpacks,scarf,etc.It also can cover damaged or torn spots on your clothes and accessories.
  • DETAILS ATTENTION:Iron on patches have a layer of plastic backing with a thin layer of heat activated glue rubbed on it.Do not remove the plastic backing from the patches even if you are sewing them on.They help keep the embroidery together. Embroidered patches can be applied to clothing either by sewing it around the edges or by heat pressing it on.Almost all our patches have die cut borders and can easily be sewn on.
  • NOTE THE MATERIALS:Some fabrics such as leather (including suede) will scorch from the applied heat of the iron.Do not iron on patches to leather,nylon,plastic,waterproof material or any hard fabric or cases.
  • REMOVE THE PATCHES:One of the many benefits of an iron-on patch is that it's not permanent.If you'd like to remove old patches from clothing,sewing patches is easy to take it off.Iron-on decals are easy to add to clothing,but after removing the decal,the glue remains.With a little effort,you can remove the patch to replace it with another item or to restore the original look of the garment.All you need is a little heat or adhesive remover,and then you'll have a blank fashion slate to work from.

Product Description

Instructions 1:Ironing on a patch with a household iron

Step 1:Keep your hand iron at the hottest temperature setting.Do not use steam during application!
Step 2:After the heat press has heated place the shirt on the heat press and run a 12 second press without the patch.This will ensure the area where the patch will be going on is nice and hot.
Step 3:Place the patch where you want it and engage the heat press again for 20 more seconds.
Step 4:Let the shirt cool down all the way and the patch will be adhered on permanently.

Instructions 2:Sewing on Patches

Step 1:Use a thick enough needle and nylon thread to sew on a patch,If you are using a sewing machine,
make sure the arm has enough of an opening to pass your garment through as you will be rotating your garment all the way around on the sewing table.

Step 2: In order to avoid the patch from moving about while sewing it on you can use double sided tape or 3M spray on glue.
Gently spray some glue on the back of the patch, place it over how you want it. Apply a little pressure and let stand for a minute to adhere before attempting to sew it on.

Step 3:Sew around the circumference of the entire patch (quarter inch wide stitches).Be sure to sew past and beyond the point you started before cutting off the remainder thread.

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