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  • STAPLE BACHELORETTE PARTY GAME - You can’t throw a bachelorette party without a large 26” inflatable banana somewhere on the premises! A classic bachelorette party game that has seen variations throughout the years is promised to be a hit at your bridal shower. Hilarious but challenging, our Banana Ring Toss game will expose your bride tribe’s most silly side making your engagement party the most memorable event! Simply put it between your legs and try to toss the rings onto the banana!
  • EASY TO SETUP & PLAY - To get started, all you need to do is push out the air valve and blow into the mouthpiece while pinching the valve to open the seal. Once the the banana is well inflated, you and your bride tribe can take turns putting the banana between your legs while the rest of your bachelorette party attempts to toss the rings onto it! Step up the difficulty by drunkenly dancing and skipping around. Don’t be afraid to get weird with it, we know the rest of your bridal shower will!
  • FRIENDLY COMPETITION - What’s a bachelorette party game without a little friendly competition? Wager drinks, dares and whatever else you can think of to up the stakes. You’ll find the Banana Ring Toss party game will increase in difficulty once these elements are introduced and trust us, the one with the banana between her legs will have the rest scrambling to win! One of our favorites is keeping score over several rounds and the loser has to do a BIG DARE at the will of the bride to be.
  • PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! - An inflatable banana between your legs? We can hardly think of a more Instagrammable moment. Share your good times with your social media network and let them know how bachelorette party games are done! This Banana Ring Toss game will compliment all your bachelorette party decorations and supplies. Our Inflatable Banana Ring Toss game includes a large 26” inflatable banana and 3 rings. Share your pics with us or no one will believe the trouble you got up to!
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Getting started:
Inflate the banana by blowing into the air valve while pinching the mouthpiece to open the seal. Inflate it so that the banana does not bend under its own weight.

Playing the Game
The most simple and popular way of playing the game is to have the bachelorette (or anyone) hold the banana between their legs, while the other players try to toss the hoops onto it. The person holding the banana can stand still or can run around trying to avoid the hoops. The player with the most hoops on the banana wins!

Or Try This…

Have one person hold the banana between their legs and try to pass it on to another person without using their hands. First one to drop the banana has to have a drink! You can do this until it’s last lady standing. Try it and see how much fun it can really be! Get creative and come up with your own games and share it with us!

1 x 26″ Inflatable Banana
3 x 7.5″ Rings

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