Product Description

This wooden box features artistic design and aesthetic looks that exemplifies uniqueness of class and functionality. The most fascinating aspect of this charismatic box is its opening system that remains secret for an ordinary viewer. This beautiful hand carved box designed in attractive colors is one of its kind and can be used for keeping jewelry, coins, valuables or just as a keepsake. It is a puzzle box which needs careful acumen to be opened because the key to the locked box is hidden within the frame of the box.

The box needs almost 9 steps to be opened and one of the most important steps is finding the key and keyhole. If you want to gift someone something rare, this is an ideal choice. The challenge of opening the box and the beauty of the intricate design makes it a revered option. Keep your little things safe within this beautiful treasure trove.

Size: 6 x 4 x 3 inch (15 x 10 x 7.5 cm)

Opening steps:

1) Slide the front piece below the main body of the box to the left, as far as it will go

2) Slide the main body of the box forward

3) Slide and remove the panel containing the key and remove the key

4) Slide down and remove the slat covering the keyhole

5)Use key to open the box

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Thank you so much for looking at this unique jewelry puzzle box!

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