Product features

  • 100% pure&natural rose essential oil: our rose oil is full of vitamin E&Rosa Damascena Flower Oil&Bisabolol and organic olive oil. Chemical free: no artificial ingredients, spices, preservatives, metal oxides, composites and rough ingredients.
  • Skin improvement: Vitamin E oil and German Bisabolol are main components of anti-aging and skin repair. This product is ideal for wrinkles/pregnancy scars, stretch marks and inflamed skin with pigmentation.
  • Easy to absorb: Rosa Damascena Flower Oil is deep moisturizing, non-greasy and 3 times longer duration than normal moisturizer. Olive oil, anti-aging vitamin and Hydrating Squalane provides a wonderfully smoothing and easily absorb while revitalizing your skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially for dry, aged and allergic skin type. It is great for repairing broken capillaries, minimizing inflammation and burning skin, eczema and herpes.
  • Best massage Essential Oil: Natural rose fragrance relieve your anxiety, stress and depression. At the same time improve your sleep quality, metabolism,cell regeneration and blood circulation. Make you a healthier and better life.

Product Description

Did you ever notice the condition of your body skin?
Your body accounts for 97% of your skin. However you may just always neglect it ?
Are you suffering from the following conditions:
Dry and coarse skin?
Dull & sallow and uneven skin color?
Dark skin with melanin pigmentation?
The obvious color difference after sun?

Moisturizing and hydrating repair body lotion with dual effect–reduce the appearance of sensitive or dry skin synchronously
Soothe skin: Soothe dry skin, protect your skin tenderly with moisturizing effect.
Moisturizing and hydrating: skin exfoliating, contract pigmentation.
Soft penetration: silky soft skin, fast absorption, free from sticky feeling.

Four effective ingredients, obtaining soft, glowing, beautiful skin has never been easier.
The Rose Damascena Flower Oil from Bulgarian (Rose oil: the essence), which can effectively moisturize the skin, leaving you with tender and elastic skin all day long.
The bisabolol from natural chamomile, infused with stable nutrients to the skin bottom, it can promote nutrient absorption. Besides, it features soothing performance which can effectively repair your delicate skin and enhance its anti-stimuli ability.
The natural olive oil in Gaea Miracle Body oil, which bears similar composition to grease could protect your skin gently. After using, it would instantly maintain nourish your skin, eliminate or contract the appearance of wrinkles.
This rose oil is infused with rich hydrolyzed vitamin E, which can reduce the cell pigment granules as body aging, improve skin elasticity with anti-aging function, leaving you with tender skin.

This body oil can not only serve as massage oil, but also be applied as body lotion/cream/butter with long-lasting nourishing, moisture retention effect.
In case of skin irritation, stop using it. Store in a cool dry place.

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