Product features

  • Premium Fiberglass Mat is the most basic and commonly used reinforcement in composites and "Used by Professionals"
  • Used as a skin coat to bond Gelcoats
  • Used between rovings and cloths as a binder and to bond substrates and cores in a laminate
  • Generally Mats are made with chopped roving strands and bonded with a resin-based binder
  • 1-1/2 Oz Mat is approximately 1/16" thick laminated

Product Description

PREMIUM GRADE Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) is used by Vernese Customs for Skin Coats on Gelcoats and as a Finish Mat over Stitch Mats and other reinforcements. This Product can be used with Polyester, Vinylester and Epoxy Resins. Properly saturated, the product is nearly translucent. Chopped Strand Mat is most frequently used with polyester resin to quickly build thickness for parts and between layers of fabric for building molds. It can be used alone or in conjunction with fiberglass fabrics, or woven roving, in larger fabrications. Fabricators generally tear apart Chopped Strand Mat, rather than cut it. This maintains the length of fibers along the torn edge, which create stronger bonds with subsequent layers. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT WILL BE ROLLED AND FOLDED FOR SHIPPING. THIS DOES NOT HARM THE PRODUCT AND IS COMMON IN PRODUCTION.

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