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Product features

  • Fresh, Never Dormant or Preserved
  • Includes "Guide to Mood Moss" affixed to package
  • Packed in 1 Quart Resealable Bag

Product Description

Slight earthy smell. Can be attached with string, hot glue, or wire. Used in scale modeling, home decor, plant arrangements, accent pieces, crafting, and fairy gardens. This Mood Moss (Hylocomium splendens) was carefully and sustainable harvested directly from the lush green hills of Appalachia. Each order is carefully hand packed by our greenhouse in resealable bags to ensure the integrity of your moss pillows during shipment. Though your moss is fresh and alive, you will notice that your moss may not be wet to the touch. We ship live moss this way to reduce mold and bacteria growth in transit. Upon receipt, we advise that you use your moss immediately in your tank, terrarium, bonsai, kokedama, or fairy garden. Historical Uses: In the past, moss from this area was used to chink cabins, stuff mattresses, and line both cradles and coffins. Currently, the horticultural trade uses moss as packing material, hanging basket liners, and soil covers for potted plants or terrariums. Moss is also used in arts and crafts and in moss gardens and green roofs. Moss Structure: Moss is actually catchall phrase for over 12,000 different species of non-vascular plants in the plant Division Bryophyta (sensu stricto). The plants are low growing, and rarely reach above a few centimeters in height. This plant relies mainly on spore-based propagation methods. Moss is most notable for using a single of layer of cells which lack internal air spaces for photosynthesis, and using rhizoids instead of roots to anchor them to the substrate.

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