Egyptian Papyrus Blank Paper Set of 10 Sheets for Art Projects Scrapbooking Album Refill Scrolls and Teaching Ancient Hieroglyphic History 8x12in (20x30cm)

Product Description

10 Egyptian Papyrus blank paper sheet of high quality

AMAZING TEACHING EXPERIENCE: You will love our scroll sheets as they give you the best and ideal teaching aid. It comes with a small hieroglyphic alphabet sheet for each student making teaching or home schooling easy and fun. It’s a great way to teach about ancient Hieroglyphic letters.

BEAUTIULLY HANDCRAFTED IN EGYPT: We provide our customers with sheets of Papyrus paper that have a unique white color. Made from the papyrus plant grown in Egypt with the same methods used by ancient Egyptians, we only guarantee you quality Papyrus sheets.

PRINTED WITH ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ALPHABETS: Our papyrus sheets are a piece of work that is easy to use. Each sheet has information containing the ancient Egyptian Alphabet symbols, hieroglyphic and corresponding English letters which is just a bonus to make each writing simply a breeze.

EXCELLENT PIECE FOR ARTWORK: Enjoy a fantastic experience with our Egyptian Paper as you feel the grid of the papyrus stalks to see how the sheets are made, it does not curl as its fast drying and easy to flatten and can be used for art project, scrapbooking, school history project as it takes ink well and rolls up nicely.

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