Product features

  • CHOOSE A STELLAR TOY OF HEIRLOOM QUALITY: This Pawoo toy is classic and traditional, requires no batteries and runs on 100% imagination! Your grandparents were learning with wooden toys like this when they were young, and your grandchildren and great-grandchildren can also learn with wooden toys.
  • BE SURE IT WILL LAST A LONG TIME: You likely have missing game pieces and at least one broken toy laying around your home. Let's face it - children are rough on their toys! That's why this lacing learning toy is made of quality wood that is hard to be damaged beyond the basic scratch or dent.
  • LET YOUR CHILD TAKE CONTROL: Our lacing button toy encourages children to use their imaginations. These basic shapes allow children to really explore their uses and come up with creative and constructive ways to use them in different subject areas. Our lacing toy develops your child's motor skills, finger muscles and patience.
  • HELP PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT: This handmade toy is made completely out of wood, so you know that it's non-toxic. Not only is this better for the environment, but it's also better for the health of your child, especially if they tend to suck on their toys.
  • IF YOU BUY THIS TOY, YOU SAVE YOUR MONEY: Our wooden toy is relatively cheap, compared to more complicated alternatives, and the product you'll receive is good value because it's hard wearing - meaning that its value is increased over the long lifetime it has.

Product Description

Our Toy Will Grow With Your Child.

If you invest in our wooden toys for home education, you invest in something that is durable and versatile enough to grow with your child.

Toddlers and preschoolers may engage in simple imaginative play and basic manipulation with our wooden toys, but older children can begin to incorporate them in more complex imaginative scenarios.

We Offer You A Toy That Is Less Distracting.

When children play with wooden toys, they supply all the voices, alarms, and other sound effects, rather than listening to the toy. This allows children to be in control of what they do with the toys and to keep their minds clear as they solve problems.

While some children really enjoy toys with all the bells and whistles, the noises and electronic features can interrupt a child’s thinking process or limit how far a child’s imagination can go by boxing them into specific ways to play with the toy.

Consider The Safety Of Your Child!

As your child will be manipulating the wooden toy, you won’t have to worry much about their safety because we have designed it to be safe. It won’t break easily, which means your toddler won’t be exposed to sharp edges or small pieces.

It’s also non-toxic and made from natural materials, which means children can manipulate them by chewing on them or sucking on them.

Eight Out Of Ten Novelists Urge Adults To Support Their Children With Problem-Solving Toys That Encourage Interaction! You Don’t Want To Be Left Behind: Order Today!

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