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Product features

  • All Purpose Emulsion That Works with Plastisol, UV, & Solvent-Based ink systems. Excellent print definition. Durable for long print runs. Virtually Pinhole Free
  • AP Blue must be exposed with a UV LED light source- If you do not have a proper light source please use our TEX-Blue which is beginner friendly
  • No mixing is needed ready to use Emulsion, when working with Water Based inks it is recommended to add diazo to prolong life of image.
  • For best results degrease/dehaze your screen before printing with Hyper Haze. And use our Ecotex Emulsion Remover to reclaim your screen.
  • Do not use this emulsion if your using a LED Black Light or White light needs to be a proper exposure unit

Product Description

Shipping Allow 1-3 Days

Looking for emulsions is a difficult process, if you’re looking for the swiss army knife of emulsion AP-Blue is the perfect choice. This emulsion is a hybrid chemical compound making it Plastisol and Solvent friendly. AP-Blue is a hybrid that produces sharp edges and great resolution, it’s pre-sensitized and ready to use.

Background Info on Pre-Sensitized Emulsions
This emulsion is ready to use from the bottle. 1-part emulsions typically expose faster than dual diazo emulsions. AP blue is best used with a good light source such as an exposure unit. Pre-Sensitized emulsion is very tough and best for long. Although it’s a pre-sensitized emulsion you can purchase diazo and mix in enough for the job, your screen will last longer and is good when working with Water Based inks.

Emulsion Recommendations
Prep your screen before coating anything. We recommend Ecotex Hyper Haze, it will degrease your screen and give the emulsion a clean surface to stick to. It’s recommended you eliminate any UV light from entering the room and work under a yellow light. Write down the day you opened the emulsion on the bottle to better keep track of your chemicals.

Coating Emulsion Tips & Tricks
Use the sharp edge of your scoop coater
Make sure screen is completely dry before coating emulsion
Make sure screen is completely dry before printing

86 ° to 104 °F (30 ° to 40 °C)
30% to 50% humidity
Good Air Circulation

Emulsion Removal Recommendations
Use Ecotex Emulsion Remover and a higher-pressure washer. The emulsion will peel right off.

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