Product features

  • ✓ Drop Strength Bombs on Training - Bomber Grips add a new dynamic to weightlifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit movements, allowing you to build stronger, well-defined arms, forearms, and muscle groups with enhanced activation.
  • ✓ Create Bigger Arms, Faster than Ever - Sturdy bar grips increase the diameter of your bar, dumbbells, or kettlebell grip areas which can impact training and fitness dramatically, pushing your muscles to new limits and growing bigger arms fast.
  • ✓ Quick Lift Transitions - These solid bar training grips fit 2-inch Olympic bars and standard barbells and slide on in seconds to let you move to deadlifts, pullups, curls, power cleans, and other traditional or non-traditional moves.
  • ✓ Rugged, Durable Design - Stronger and more resilient than standard weightlifting and Olympic bar grips, Bomber Grips are made for heavy lifters, CrossFit athletes, and powerlifting. And they don't carry a harsh rubber smell to interrupt lifts.
  • ✓ Fitness Focused Brand - Bomber Grips were created by people who understand exercise and all the components on how to make someone stronger and bigger, which is why we always back our products by unbeatable customer service.

Product Description

Bomber Grips Help Explode Strength Gains and Muscle Definition Are you looking to take your strength training, weightlifting, or CrossFit movements to the next level and really get the most out of every lift? Then you need Bomber Grips that were designed to attach to your Olympic barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, and pullup bar to create more dynamic muscle activation with every movement. A smart, effective way to increase your strength gains in your hands, forearms, wrists, and biceps, it’s time you dropped a few muscle-building bombs in your own workout.

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