Product features

  • PACKED WITH PREMIUM NATURAL INGREDIENTS! - rest-assured, this Probiotic + Prebiotic soft chew supplement for dogs is made with natural ingredients never using harmful chemicals. We source and manufacture 100% of our products in the USA in an USDA facility.
  • HEALTHY TREAT- your dog will love "treat time" with this tasty, sugar-cube sized supplement that will ease their upset stomach, prevent diarrhea, bloating, and bad gas.
  • ADVANCED FORMULA- A HEALTHY DOG IS A HAPPY DOG. Give your furry family member the health they deserve. At Genuine Naturals we strive to provide the best natural supplements for our furry family members to enable them to live a long happy life.
  • 2 BILLION CFU'S PER CHEW- Digestive enzymes aid in the overall health improving your dog's immune system and eliminating diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas and restoring a healthy digestive tract.
  • ONE TO FOUR MONTH SUPPLY - for dogs of all sizes - one-month supply for large breeds, two-month supply for medium breeds, and four-month supply for small breeds.

Product Description

Does your dog struggle with digestive problems? Are they constantly having diarrhea, constipation or bad gas? Are they constantly vomiting and acting sick? Most likely your furry family member is having issues with their gut. Digestion is a major factor for a dog’s overall health. Digestion problems lead to lower immunity and added health concerns later on. That’s why here at Genuine Naturals we have come up with a natural based digestive enzyme soft chew that your dog will love eating and truly benefit from.

 We think of our dogs as family members and only want the best health for them that they can have. We want to enjoy many years with them pain free and in great health. We have designed and tested this Probiotic + Prebiotic digestive enzyme soft chew to do just that.

Give your furry family member that chance at a healthy immune system and an optimized digestive track. We are so confident in our soft chews that your furry family member will love eating them that we back them 100% by our money back guarantee. If you don’t see results or for some strange reason your dog is too picky to eat them, return them. We don’t want you to have a product that you don’t love. We stand by our product and truly love our pets. Give them the health they deserve!

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