ChiaoGoo Double Point 6-inch (15cm) Bamboo Dark Patina Knitting Needle; Size US 8 (5mm) 1036-8

Product Description

Set of 5 Double Point needles, each 6" (15cm) ChiaoGoo Double Point Bamboo Dark Patina Knitting Needles, Size US 8 (5mm)

ChiaoGoo bamboo needles are made from Chinese Moso bamboo which is the largest and strongest bamboo from over 1,000 different species; dark patina needles go through an additional thermal process to obtain the darker color (no dyes or paints are used attain this richer color)

Points are handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen

Size is permanently laser etched on each item for added convenience and easy storage

ChiaoGoo products are mostly made in Hangzhou, China, distributed from Troy, MI (USA) and adheres to the latest environment-friendly manufacturing processes; most products are 100% recyclable

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