Candle Wicks, Soy Lite Has Made Picking Candle Wicks Easy Try Our #126 Natural Wick, Stop All The Testing Of All The Different Wicks On The Market, We Have 2 Different Size Wicks That Fit Most Of The Jar's That People Use In Candle Making, Our Wicks Perform Excellent, Very Little Mushrooming On Wick, Produces Hot And Even Flame

Product Description

CANDLE WICKS MADE EASY, Our #126 Wick is Made For 3 inch Jars, Our #105 wicks are for 2 1/2 inch jars and candle tins, Also the #105 wick can be used on larger jars, Just by double wicking, Simple just add 2 #105 wicks to a 22 oz jar or larger

OUR WICKS WILL OUT PERFORM, All the Wicks On The Market, We Believe That We Have The Best Wicks, Soy Lite Wicks Have Been Tested Extensively And Have Produced Superior Results

SOY LITE WICKS WORK EXCELLENT In Soy Wax and Paraffin Waxes, Far Less Mushrooming and Produce Fast Melt Pool To Deliver Your Sent

STOP WASTING TIME, To Try and Find The Right Wick For The Right Jar Size, Take Advantage Of All Our Years Of Testing

WE OFFER A MONEY BACK GUARNTEE, Try Our Wicks With Our Propriety Soy Wax, It Has Great Hot and Cold Scent Throw

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