Product features

  • ❇️ PERFECT BLEND - Masterfully blended, All Natural GMO Free Green Tea, Papaya, Rose petals and Pineapple. Natural Strawberry and Cream flavor. A special green tea with the sweet, subtle flavors of berries and cream and a light base of flower petals - a sweet delight. Drink hot, cold or warm.
  • ❇️ PACKAGED AT SOURCE, REFRESHINGLY FRESH - Packaging in Sri Lanka, within days of picking fresh leaf in the tea fields, maximizes freshness, the key to antioxidants in tea for a healthy lifestyle.
  • ❇️ BOUQUET TEA COLLECTION : This delightful experience of special green tea is masterfully blended to give you a cup of tea that is deep and rich and creates an aromatic and romantic experience.
  • ❇️ AROMA & FLAVOR - Basilur teas are 100% Unblended Pure Green teas which are aromatic, robust, light to medium bodied Single Origin tea in functional packaging.
  • ❇️ INGREDIENTS - 100% Pure Ceylon green tea with Natural Papaya, Natural Amaranth, Strawberry, & Cream flavors.

Product Description


Premium Quality Loose Leaf Ceylon Green Tea with natural strawberry and cream flavors in packet. Net: 3.5oz/100g

A delightful experience of Basilur’s Cream Fantasy Ultra-Premium green tea is masterfully blended with the sweet, subtle flavor of berries and cream and a light base of flower petals to create this sweet delight. To make a perfect cup of “Basilur” Tea – place one teaspoon of tea into a cup. Add fresh near boiling water and leave to infuse for 3 minutes. Add Milk, Honey if desired. Ingredients: 100% Pure Ceylon green tea with Natural Papaya, Natural Amaranth, Strawberry, & Cream flavors.

ABOUT THE BRAND ~ A Cuppa a day, keeps the Doctor Away. Did you know that a cup of tea, is a 100% NATURAL drink that contains NO Calories, Carbonates, Sodium or Fats? What’s more, regular consumption of tea has proven to build a high density of bone minerals which in turn helps to keep your bones healthy and strong.

Served straight from the lush mountain peaks where the finest tea leaves eagerly waits to be yours… Basilur tea is the expression of pure Ceylon tea, which defines the essence of quality. Basilur specializes in serving you, nothing but the best and most tantalizing tea flavors for your taste buds to take pleasure in. Basilur tea has been transforming an internationally beloved, 5,000-year old beverage, into a sophisticated, premium beverage. Basilur Tea Company, bears the expertise, experience and the knowledge to identify the finest of these fine tea leaves and take it to higher realms.

We create the most eclectic blends of tea by using state of the art equipment and modern techniques to secure our teas freshness and quality. The tea growing areas are mainly grouped according to their elevations, with High Grown ranging from above 4000ft above Sea level, Medium Grown covering between 1800ft to 4000ft and Low Grown from sea level up to 1800ft.

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