Product features

  • ✅ Don't BREAK Your Dishes! | Do you want to keep your dishes safe? We designed this dish drainer to ensure stability, durability, and usability. The top rack has 18 slots to hold your large and heavy plates. Additionally, the dual-sided bottom rack can hold twice as many of your favorite wide-mouth coffee mugs. We know you don't want a dish rack that's going to tip over and break your dishes!
  • ✅ Keep your dishes CLEAN! | Do you want to dry your dishes (or even pasta!) on mold? Ew - Gross! Neither do we! The drying rack has a lacquer to ensure cleanliness and good hygiene!
  • ✅ PERFECT for a Kitchen of ANY Size! | Do you have a small kitchen? No worries! The rack sits at 19.5" X 13.5" X 9.0" when you want to use it and is collapsible to a size of 19.5" X 12.5" when you want to store it away! Do you have a large kitchen? Great! Your premium dish drainer is going to look great in that luxury kitchen of yours too when it's not folded away beneath the sink!
  • ✅ DRY those UTENSILS too! | Do you eat with utensils like forks, spoons, and knives? We bet that you do! So you need something to dry your silverware, flatware, serving ware, and those cooking tools too. That's why we include a utensil rack with rust-proof wooden hinges. The less metal used, the less rust - Yuck!
  • ✅ Save the ENVIRONMENT and Have PEACE of MIND! | Do you want to be eco-friendly and not put finances at risk? Great! We provide a 100% Happiness Guarantee! However, we know that you are going to absolutely love this dish drainer. It's made from high quality Bamboo which is super durable.

Product Description

It was designed to answer all of those faults with previous bamboo dish racks. We wanted to create something that was sturdy and durable, held a bunch of your ordinary dishes, and perfect for any home. The dishrack is large and wide enough (with 18 slots or slits) to carry your large plates while the dual-sided bottom racks can safely dry your favorite cups, mugs, and bowls. Also, we custom fit wooden rust proof hinged utensil dryer to dry your utensils, flatware, and other cooking utensils. If you need to store it, you can totally fold or collapse the rack and fit it under the sink or in one of your cupboards! This collapsible and foldable rack is perfect for homes with small kitchens or even studio apartments! If you want to have a date night and dry some pasta, you can use it as a pasta dryer as well! dish drainer drying rack kitchen plate rack dishes drying rack drying matts for dishes dish racks for counter escurridor de platos small dish drying rack drying rack dishes over sink drying rack drain board kitchen dish rack sink drying rack large dish drying rack bamboo dish drying rack dishwasher rack plate organizer 2 tier dish rack dishrack kitchen drying mat dish strainer dish dryer dish drain dish rack in sink kitchen drying rack wooden dish drying rack sink racks stainless steel towel warmer rack sabatier dish rack dish drain board dish drying drying rack for dishes drying dish rack bamboo drying rack bamboo dish rack dish drainer rack grass bottle drying rack wood dish rack utensil drying rack folding dish drying rack drying racks dish drainers dishrack and drainboard set dish rack mat rollup sink drying rack dish drainer mat

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