Product Description

Produce silky soft, clean and even toned skin, clear bumps and discoloration. Overtime it visibly reduce discolored underarms – It will gradually fade away the darkened skin, offering a clean-healthy looking underarm. Light weight, non sticky formula is made out of soothing and silk soft Milk of Magnesia free from irritating baking soda. Unique formulation with magnesium hydroxide (Milk of Magnesia) neutralizes negative, opposing smells of your body’s own signature scent, and in turn, it assures that your BO isn’t interfering with your expensive cologne. . Gentle scent of Lavender and Lemon therapeutic essential oils provide anti-infective benefits and suitable for Women and Men. Enjoy smoother, lighter and clear skin around the armpits, 24 hr odor protection, plus clay power detox. This formula does not use chemicals found in skin lightening products that is not generally regarded as safe.

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