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There are no black holes in Enigma’s musical universe. Nothing ever just vanishes here. It’s been 16 years since October 1st 1990, when Enigma’s debut, “Sadeness Part 1,” rocked the earthly airwaves and hit the top of the charts with sounds the planet had never heard. All of a sudden Enigma was no longer a UFO but the most famous spaceship of world music – and the music world. On September 22nd, 2006 A Posteriori, the sixth album of Michael Cretu’s Enigma project was released.

You can get an idea of where A Posteriori is heading from song titles such as “Dreaming Of Andromeda,” “Message From Io” and “Goodbye Milky Way.” It takes you on a voyage through a multilayered soundscape, to the limits of your sonic experience, but always stays true to the essence of Enigma. The album will carry any hitch-hiker along to explore extraordinary new galaxies aboard the sound-ship Enigma. There is also the overture that, as on the five predecessors, welcomes the listener to Enigma’s latest album, before creating the first tonal Fata Morgana 30 seconds later. Wafting through a soft carpet of sound come mysterious voices suggestive of power, shouting something Latin into this new sound-sphere—a sphere where A Posteriori will linger. Enigma once again create associative sound-signals that embed themselves in your head forever like a mental tattoo.

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