Product Description

By adding this cute charm to your keys, bags and phones, you can redefine their look and add an element of fun to your daily objects. The lovely bright colors of these toys are an eye catcher and makes a beautiful style statement for you.
This toy not only adds a spark to your daily objects, but also keeps you engaged and entertained by playing with this slow rising toy, thereby venting out your stress and making you feel relaxed. It is extremely soft for the delicate hands of kids and is totally environment friendly too.
Size: 10cm
Quantity: 4 pieces per set
Color: Random

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Product features

  • SLOW RISING TOY: This squishy toy is extremely slow rising toy and kids would love to play with them and watch them coming back to normal size after pressing
  • SWEET SMELLING: They have a sweet ice-cream like fragrance which is extremely pleasant and has a soothing effect
  • CHARM FOR ACCESSORIES: These soft charms can be attached to cell phones, bags, keys, etc. and give a cute look to your accessories
  • CUTE GIFTS FOR KIDS: Both boys and girls would love to receive these lovely toys as gifts for birthday parties, summer fests, and a many more occasions
  • STRESS RELIEVING: It feels light to press these soft squishy toys and it helps in relieving stress to a great extent
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