Product features

  • Acid and lignin free. PH Neutral & Non Buffered - BRIGHT WHITE. This is the 'Good Stuff'.
  • Protection for Textiles, Clothing, Dolls & every sort of Collectible ~ I wrap my own vast textile collection in the paper I offer. 30+ years & no problems!!
  • May be used as interleaving for Photographic Prints & Paper Collectibles ( I collect antique children s books)
  • Passes the TAPPI T444 silver tarnish test - perfect for Silve/Silver Plate & Ornaments (my mother has an incredible collection of metallic ornaments, fruits & veggies) Smile.
  • 25 Extra Large Sheets 24" by 36" - premium flexibility with maximum protection! In an Archival enclosure, use what you need and save the rest!

Product Description

25 EXTRA LARGE 24″x 36″ Sheets Acid & Lignin Free Archival Tissue helps protect your treasures without the fear of damage from the wood acids present in many other wrapping materials such as regular tissue paper and newsprint. Additionally it helps slow the deterioration of articles made from paper products (like post cards and other paper memorabilia) when used as an interleaving or wrapping product. * Lignin is a natural occurring bonding element in plants that holds the wood fiber together. While lignin is not an acid, it does give off acids as it deteriorates. Despite popular misconception storing your linens or other fabric treasures in a cedar/wood lined chest can result in most devastating results. Wood fibers contain a natural acid which, when in direct contact with linen and/or cotton materials, may cause deterioration and decay often resulting in dark yellow or brownish stains. These stains may be removed via the use of bleaching agent but the fabric is none the less weakened by the exposure to the wood acid. Cedar chests are great for deterring moths and similar pestilence but direct contact between fabric and wood, for lengthy periods of time is most always detrimental to the cloth. Similar yellowing will also be caused if the fabric is left in direct contact with any product containing wood pulp and therefore acid. Common items containing wood acid are regular tissue paper and cardboard. ** Included with your shipment access to “The Linen Lady’s Guide to Protecting & Storing your Heirlooms” Using Acid Free Archival Tissue – A MUST READ – for preserving your items & potential heirlooms in waiting – a reward of my 30 + years of knowledge & advice – you won’t be disappointed ! Ann Christine **

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